Building a mini cluster – Part 2: Server Hardware Selection

Following my previous entry, where I went over the Design Criteria for my mini cluster, the next step is the selection of the server hardware: processor and motherboard, memory and storage.

Since I will be needing twelve of everything, even a small cost difference of “only” 10.00 EUR immediately means a total extra cost of 120.00 EUR… Penny saving matters! Continue reading “Building a mini cluster – Part 2: Server Hardware Selection”

Building a mini cluster – Part 1: Design Decisions

Ever since I can remember, I’ve had easy access to some form of multi node compute environment . But after changing jobs earlier this year, I found myself without access to anything resembling a cluster. At first it was only mildly annoying and I made do with using virtual machines on my (rather beefy) PC and I dabbled with public clouds like Azure and Amazon when I got a free coupon at some convention. But recently, I needed a cluster environment to test something for a potential customer and much to my chagrin, every virtual environment I tried just did not want to cooperate.

So I made the solemn promise to myself:

I will never be at the mercy of virtual compute ever again!